Monday, November 7, 2011

Thai rice noodles (Kanom jeen)

     Kanom jeen is Thai rice noodle which usually serve as a single dish dressing with some curry soup. But it can eat in other ways. So today I went out to locally festival and I ate that. See the picture above you'll see how they serve look so simple but the taste is really good :)

   << On the table will have many kind of vegetables as a side dish, such as bean sprouts, string beans,  cucumbers, basil and more. You can add those veggies as much as you like!

     I like to add green mustard pickled, string bean, bean sprout and sweet basil >>

I like to mix up everything and eat!

     If you come to Thailand don't forget to try dish menu :) very delicious and healthy. Finally I'd like to show you how to make this dish soon :) hope you'll like it!

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