Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sour and Spicy fish soup (Tom Yum Pla)

          Tom Yum is a Thai sour and spicy soup with aromatic herbs. Tom Yum Koong is the world known dish from Thailand which is a made from shrimp or prawn but Tom Yum Pla made from fish because "Pla" in Thai word means fish!.
          This recipe from my family  really easy and we don't care how it's look :) [because it's not for commercial] Just  taste great that's all we want . The herb from recipe easy to find in Thailand. Some family growth in them yard, It's mean they can make Tom Yum any time they want! (sound great right?) 
          Galangal is a member of ginger family but it taste like a cross between  ginger and pepper. (I think..) It's look like ginger but Galangal  have white and a little bit pink skin and Ginger have only yellow skin.
          Kaffir Lime Leaf is a one kind of citrus. The leaf will give you an aromatic citrus-like smell and flavor. In Thailand use it in many dish.

You will need: (1 serving)

                        - 300 g. Fish (any kind you like)
     For broth    - 3 cups water
                        - a pinch of salt
                        - 2 small rock sugar (optional)
                        - 2 pieces slice Galangal
                        - 1 stick lemongrass
                        - 2-3 leaves kaffir lime leaf
     Seasoning   - 4 tbs. fresh lime juice
                        - 3 tbs. fish sauce
                        - Thai Chili (as much as you like)
           and some coriander for ganish
* The seasoning can adjust to your taste, you should put little a time and taste :)

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