Friday, August 26, 2011

Thai spicy salad made from mango (Som Tam Ma Muang)

Today I went outside and have this for lunch. It's call "Som Tam Ma Muang". This is a one kind of Thai spicy salad (Som-Tam = ส้มตำ).

Som-Tam traditionally made from young papaya but this dish made from young mango which give sour flavor, in the dish have raw crabs marinaded with fish sauce. First I never eat the crab before, I think it very disgusting but after I try it > Wow! it's really good. I hope you should try some if you have a chance.
[The crab in Som Tam have two kind, it's up to you which kind you are prefer, they have black color and light blue color, for me I do like light blue more. I think this dish very healthy, yummy with a little bit hot ^^
Finally I hope to show you how to make it in someday :)

If you want to know how to make it, rate for more information [..below :)..]

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Anonymous said...

The recipe for "Thai spicy salad made from mango" sounds great.
I am living in Cuenca Ecuador and can not find many of the spices and ingredients. Do you have any recommendations?
Are there alternate spices?