Monday, October 3, 2011

Lemongrass spicy salad (yum ta klai)

ยำตะไคร้ (yum ta klai)
This menu is very popular for people who drink beer or whiskys in Thailand :) Aromatic by lemongrass and  mint.

You will need : (1 serving)
  • 50 g. cooked ground pork
  • 50 g. cooked shrimp
  • 20 g. deep fried cashew nut
  • 1 tbs. deep fired dried shrimp
  • 3 tbs. slices lemongrass
  • 1 slices shallot
  • 2 ts. chopped spring onion
  • 1 ts. chopped mint leave
  • 4 ts. lime juice
  • 3 ts. fish sauce
  • 1 ts. sugar
  • 1 ts. chopped Thai red chili
*all ingredient can be adjust to your taste :)

Use high heat to deep fried Cashew nut
wait until really hot, throw them in
and scoop them out immediately
(or until golden brown)
wash dried shrimp before deep fry it
deep fried cashew nut and dried shrimp
will look like this :)
Direction : Mix all seasoning in mixing bowl, stir until sugar dissolve, check the taste of sauce add more until the taste just right, then at all meat (ground pork, shrimp, cashew nut, and dried shrimp) Finally add all vegetable and herb :)

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Viviane Bauquet Farre said...

Many different flavors going on in this dish - I'm quite intrigued. I am especially drawn to the abundance of spice and flavoring.