Friday, October 14, 2011

Pad Thai (Thai style fried noodles)

ผัดไทย (Pad Thai)
          As you known this dish is very popular for all over the world BUT do you know, it's really easy to make too ;) Just few ingredient and not over 30 minutes to cook!
          In this recipe I'm not put ground roasted peanut in to plate for garnishing because I don't eat it but if you do like please add it into your plate :) 
          Traditional we serve Pad Thai in a plate and fresh vegetables in other plate for side dish. Veggies plate normally contain with Chinese chives, bean sprouts, lime wedges, and banana blossom. But nowadays in many restaurant serve just bean sprouts and Chinese chives They don't put any lime wedges because expensive, banana blossom is difficult to find. And on our table must have seasoning rack, with chili flake, white vinegar, sugar and fish sauce for personal extra seasoning.
          Anyway hope you enjoy my recipes and try to make it yourself, really easy and delicious :)

Rice stick - Chinese chive - Rice stick - Tamarind paste

You will need : (1 serving)
  • 40 g. shrimp
  • 50 g. rice stick noodles
  • 40 g. Chinese chives
  • 30 g. bean sprouts
  • 1 egg
  • 1 ts. chopped garlic
  • 2 tbs. tamarind paste
  • 4 ts. palm sugar
  • 2 ts. fish sauce
  • water to thick out the sauce (around 2 tbs.)
  • cooking oil for frying
  • lime wedge for garnish
*Tips break palm sugar in plastic bag with your hand or dissolve with tamarind paste or water before cooking to make it easy dissolve.

How to make Pad Thai (Thai style fried noodles)

Direction : 
  1. soak rice stick noodle in water about 10 minutes before cooking
  2. mean while prep other ingredient chop garlic, cut Chinese chives keep the end for garnishing, wash bean sprouts, and peel shrimp.
  3. after soaked rice stick, on medium heat fry chopped garlic with cooking oil until gold then add shrimp stir for a minutes.
  4. seasoning with tamarind paste, fish sauce, palm sugar then ad some water to thick out the sauce
  5. add soaked rice stick noodles and stir, let it cook around 2 minute or until soften
  6. make a room in middle pan then add just a little bit of cooking oil then crack an egg into there, put everything to cover an egg let it cook for a minute
  7. add bean sprout and Chinese chives stir for a second and SERVE :)
  8. garnish with lime wedge, bean sprout and the end of Chinese chives


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to try it!

Catherine said...

This looks delicious! So happy to have found your blog...please do come and visit me back. I hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings, your friend, Catherine

Dreams of cakes said...

This is delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Professor Vegetable said...

I grew up eating lots of Thai food. Great recipe and video!!! Glad you shared!

Anonymous said...

is there any other alternative if i dont have the fish sauce?.

Unknown said...

I've tried cooking your recipe, and my family loved it.
I'm looking forward to trying more of your recipes in the future.
Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!!! I find your recipes are easy, simple and yet beautiful & delicious.
I have a question about the dark brown spatula you're using in this video. Is it a dark brown bamboo spatula? Would this be the same one?
I just got myself a non' stick skillet and nylon ones I've used all melt at the tip and I am very frustrated. Does the dark brown dye on the spatula stable?