Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mee Krob : Crispy noodles for Lard nar

     There are so many kinds of noodles which serve with Lard Nar/ Rad Na. This kind is also popular for Thai too. Hope you'll try it :-)
     Anyway this noodles can serve with anything you like such as sprinkle on porridge, add in salad for crispy texture and more ;-)
     As you see in the picture I have deep fried wonton wrappers too, it also great! You can dip with any sauce you like, like you eat nachos LOL In Thailand the fried wonton will serve along with noodles :-)

I use fresh egg noodles which easy to find in my area
Lomein noodles can be use for this recipe too :-)

If you really can't find the fresh one
you can use dried noodles for substitute
just throw directly to the pot with hot oil

Wonton wrappers
cut into any design you like before deep fried

Yeh! nom nom nom

Watch how to make Mee Krob หมี่กรอบ

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