Sunday, March 25, 2012

Seafood Market at Chonburi, Thailand

This Seafood Market located at Angsila Chonburi, Thailand. There isn't a new market but there just become popular for a year. Let's see what we can buy there :-)  

Many kind of Squid, Octopus. Many size size you can choose from there ;-)

live sea crab!, beware your fingers LOL

Fresh Oyster

Grilled Horseshoe Crab,
Them eggs spicy salad is very delicious!

Jelly fish and Cooked babylonia areolata (Shells)

Dried seafood, such as squid and shrimp

This is Dried Shrimp.

Dried fish

fresh crab and shrimp

Refreshing with Thai style beverages serve in earthenware cup.

Grilled squid with Thai spicy seafood dipping sauce.

Coconut Juice! Love this..just only 0.40$!!

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